300km/h on a push bike?

14th Dec 2014 by Admin

With a cluster of three hydrogen peroxide-fuelled rockets generating a thrust of 4.5kN (a Learjet 40 jet engine produces around 16kN), how much power can a person control with only a pair of handlebars and a vertically-oriented seat to maintain body and machine as one unit? Have a look at the video link below.

Francois Gissy piloted his rocket-powered bicycle to a monumental 333km/h at the Paul Ricard circuit in the south of France. In doing so he generated close to two Gs of force and took just 4.8 seconds to reach terminal velocity and reached the top speed in just 250 metres. And when the acceleration eased, the bicycle came to a gradual stop safely, without the aid of anything as high-tech as disc brakes.

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