Buyers beware of flood damaged vehicles

5th Mar 2012 by Admin

Flood Damaged Cars If you are thinking about buying a car privately, make sure you have it checked for flood damage before you purchase.

After a high incidence of rescues by the RACQ during the floods, many motoring associations have issued a warning for people to take care when buying used vehicles privately. More than 21,000 motorists were rescued in the first week of February alone, following widespread flooding in northern NSW and Queensland.

Modern cars can handle a wide range of operating conditions, but if floodwater reaches the lower levels of the doors potential damage could include:

  • Water in mechanical components, such as the transmission or final drive unit, affecting oils and lead to expensive failure,
  • Water in the cabin, damaging complex electrical systems such as engine management, transmission operation and other primary control systems,
  • Build up of debris under the vehicle, damaging mechanical components or leading to clogging of cooling systems and overheating,
  • Contaminated fluids could damage steering and brakes,
  • Water in the engine bay can contaminate oil and lead to severe and expensive damage,
  • Fuel tanks contaminated by water will stop the vehicle from running, and diesel fuel systems are particularly sensitive to water contamination,
  • Corrosion to electrical connections and components result in long-term reliability problems.

If you are in the market for a quality used car, why not take a look at Bellbowrie Motor’s range of used cars. You can be certain they are not flood-damaged, as we check them thoroughly and will only accept the best used cars.

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