Confused by petrol station price boards?

18th Dec 2012 by Admin

Petrol Price Board

Have you ever filled up at a petrol station, only to find that the listed price is for the shopper docket discount? Or perhaps you’ve been frustrated to find the LPG or diesel price isn’t listed on the price board? If so, a new standard announced by Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts will be welcome news.

Under the standard, petrol stations will have to do more than simply display the price of unleaded petrol on their price boards. They’ll also have to show prices for their top two selling fuels, as well as the cost of LPG and diesel.

Petrol station operators will also have to show the price per litre, which is the normal price without any discounts or docket offers.

The minister said the move will help increase transparency and ensure customers aren’t confused or misled about petrol prices.

The new standard also caters to the growing number of motorists buying diesel, LPG and premium unleaded petrol.

Stations will have 12 months from September 1 this year to amend their price boards.

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