The Juke is here

23rd Sep 2013 by Admin

A huge seller in Europe, the sporty five-door Nissan Juke is here in October. This European inspired and built vehicle with its bold and distinctive styling, is “as smooth as silk and great fun to drive”. It has CVT automatic transmission which gives the driver a seamless release of power, but for those who miss the spirit of a manual transmission, you can engage the Sport mode and bring it right back.

The unexpected details, like the high seating, to give a roomy cabin, the raised ground clearance, rally-inspired twin lights, and the look of a two-door coupe with the non-traditional placement of the rear door handles, add up to the sporty feel of the JUKE.

The Nissan Juke which comes with your choice of three models featuring either the 1.6L petrol or the very efficient DIG 1.6 direct injection turbo motor. The DIG’s technology innovations deliver the power of a larger engine while maintaining the better fuel economy of a smaller one. It allows for boosted turbo performance when you want to feel the kick, or ease off and get better economy when cruising.

The AWD technology available in the upper range models, includes the rear multi-link suspension, which delivers exceptional responsiveness while minimizing roughness, and the Torque Vectoring System(TVS). This TVS is an innovative stabilization system designed to keep you in full control in most driving scenarios. In addition to moving power between the front and rear wheels, the multi-sensor system automatically transfers rear-wheel power to the left or right, depending on which needs it more. So any change in direction, such as navigating a roundabout, can be performed smoothly, securely, and with agility.

As this is one of the most innovative entrants in the compact SUV market, it is expected that its release will be met with high demand, so don’t waste any time in registering your interest. Call Michael Noonan on 02 6656 8746.

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