Volvo - what our new architecture is capable of.

25th May 2014 by Admin

A car that is inspired by modern high-tech sports equipment, the new Volvo Concept XC Coupe is the second of three concept cars, following the ground breaking Concept Coupe launched last year.

The new two-door, four-seater, reinforces Volvo’s leading safety reputation but shows how clever engineering can still satisfy the emotional aspects of design.

Featuring an improved ultra-hard boron steel safety cage - adding significant strength without extra weight - the Concept XC Coupé is also equipped with the latest safety technologies. Camera, radar and sensors provide a 360º ’view’ of pedestrians, cars and other objects - ready to warn you or even put on the brakes for you. It’s a technological edge that even allows for information sharing between cars, a big step towards Volvo’s ultimate goal of a crash-free future.

Whether a production version of the three-door, four-seat Concept XC Coupe will become a reality remains unknown, but if it were to appear, it would give fashion-focused SUV buyers a viable alternative.

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