Warning from Fair Trading.

25th May 2014 by Admin

Fair Trading NSW minister Stuart Ayres is warning consumers about a current scam that snared a NSW university student who was selling her car on a car sales website.

The woman advertised her car for sale and received a text message from a potential buyer who said they were overseas.

Then the woman sent back an email to barbara.rebecca@gmail.com with the vehicle’s details and photos, in anticipation of a sale.

She received an email that appeared to be from PayPal confirming payment.

The email contained PayPal’s ABN and contact details. In the meantime, she was asked to pay $950 for transport costs to be reimbursed.

She paid the money via Western Union to Zhaojun Qi, 18 Suhao Building, Maaxin Road, Nanshan District in Shenzen in China.

Mr Ayres says Fair Trading had received reports in the past year of similar car sales scams from consumers in Henley and Hamilton.

“This latest victim is just one of many Australians being caught out by insidious scams that feature sophisticated methods,” he says.

“I urge people to be smart. Don’t trust communications that purport to be from payment agencies.

“Scammers can and will create false documents,” says Ayres.

Classifieds scams can target both buyers and sellers who use classifieds websites.

Ayres says all demographics in society were susceptible. “From the elderly to the young, seniors to students, many trusting, vulnerable, professional and smart people get caught out,” he says.

“Education is key, as is warning your families, friends, neighbours and colleagues not to get caught out.”

Scams may be reported to SCAMwatch or contact the ACCC on 1300 795 995. NSW Fair Trading can be contacted on 13 32 20.

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