What is ahead for Clayton Fettell in 2012?

5th Mar 2012 by Admin

Lennox Head triathlete Clayton Fettell had a huge season last year. When he’s not driving his Bellbowrie-sponsored Skoda, he’s in serious training for the imminent Abu Dhabi race, followed by IronMan in Melbourne.

He shares his thoughts on 2011, and his big goals for 2012.

Taking the pressure off seems to be working

I had a bit of bad luck, a few injuries and was just inconsistent at the start of 2011. I think I was worrying about performing too much. I came home from the US after a couple of successful races, got second at Wildflower, and I sat down with my coach Grant and we mapped out where I wanted to go and how I was going to do it.

From there it’s been quite simple. I haven’t been worrying about outcomes in races and I’ve just been doing what I’ve been doing. Racing seems to be not as much pressure now. I’m definitely in a better place than what I was early last season.”

It’s looking busy, but I’m focused on Hawaii in October

“It was nice to win Geelong first up this year, I now head to Abu Dhabi for the 3rd March, and then back to Ironman Melbourne, March 25. I’m a little skeptical about the three-week turnaround between the two but yeah, I’ll just take it easy. Then in May I’ll go back to Wildflower at Lake San Antonio in California, it is a race that suits me. I want to race Des Moines, Iowa in September, and Vegas holds the world champs for the 70.3 in September but the main focus this year is Hawaii Iron Man World Championships in October.”

The average week varies between bike, swim and run

“This week is a heavy bike week. I’m going to swim 25km and I’m going to ride over 1000km and run about 80km. Obviously with the work load being pretty bike heavy I’m going to try and keep the run k’s down a little bit but I’m working towards a 50 hour week, which I’m now at. That means that I’ve only got a couple of those in me per year and I’m in the middle of it right now.”

I’ve done my apprenticeship now and I know what it takes

“I just want to get through the year injury free and stay consistent and if I can just get the training weeks in and get to Hawaii and get my first Hawaii under my belt and I’m just super excited to be here finally.”
“It’s taken me five pretty rough years, I’ve travelled overseas and I’m just excited to be in the position I’m in and be grateful with that.”

Source: edited interview from - firstoffthebike.com

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